Our Training Shop contains downloadable training materials for use in training courses, and resources for meeting facilitators. You will also find activities for team development events, competency frameworks, case studies and self assessment materials.

These training materials have been specifically designed by Spectrain for organisations and individuals wishing to purchase high quality training and competency based learning resources. Organisations use our resources to supplement in house courses and to to curate content for blended learning approaches.

Please contact us if you are looking for a specific learning resource with 20 years experience in learning design our electronic cupboards contain a wealth of resource.


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  • A Disciplinary Offence? Perhaps Not! This case study is riddled with issues and it is your task to investigate and make recommendations about how to proceed. Was this a case of management being high handed and reactive? Was the employee just fooling? Had he perhaps been drinking at lunchtime?

    A Disciplinary Offence

    The resource contains a case study, records of interviews with the 4 people involved, and a comprehensive planning template to help you to plan your approach to this issue
  • This action learning set facilitator guide is a useful tool kit resource. Full of tips and techniques to enable you to successfully structure and facilitate an engaging action learning set and ensure that the action learning set enables learning to take place on a number of levels in an environment that encourages commitment to outcomes. Take a look at our terrific testimonials from our action learning sets
  • Analyse your Training Style

    Take a moment to analyse your training style with this self assessment. Here is an important question: Do you design training in your own style? If our training design and delivery style reflects the dominance of our own learning style, there is a risk that other learning styles will be frustrated and unfulfilled by the process. This wonderful analysis will enable you to identify whether you have a preferred style or use a balanced approach to training delivery.
  • Aspiring Leaders E Book

    This Aspiring Leaders E Book contains 28 pages of activity and self assessment pure development for aspiring leaders and food for thought for existing leaders.
  • Assessing Leadership Competencies

    Want assess your leadership competencies? This competency based leadership 360 assessment tool enables assessment of 20 competencies that represent the knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes of successful leaders. A personal analysis and self development plan is also included.
  • Brilliant business writing workbook. It’s rich in tips, tools and examples to help you to create brilliant reports. And if you follow it through it will take you on a writing process journey from originating ideas through analyzing your audience , researching your topic, presenting a balanced argument writing drafts and finally to editing your document..- Inside you will find the following content:
    • Know why you are writing We invite you to ask some basic questions about your writing task before you start.
    • How to get started - This section offers tools for getting started that tap into and unlock your creativity.
    • Know your audience - we provide you with an audience analysis tool.
    • Additional content includes: Researching your topic, The writing process, Overcoming blocks, Writing an outline, making a compelling argument, getting feedback and Effective editing...
  • Business Ethics Competency Framework

    Our Business Ethics Competency Framework is aimed at identifying ethical behavioural competencies and developing ethical business practice among those in Leadership Roles. This  framework contains 38 business ethics competencies grouped into seven sets. All essential competencies relating to ethical leadership behaviour,  and governance essential for reducing the risk and reputation impact of unethical behaviours. Of course most competency frameworks are specific to an organisation, if you want to develop an organisation specific framework you will find our Designing and Implementing a Competency Framework training course ideally meets your needs. Dont leave ethical business behaviour to chance, be clear about what it looks like with this Business Ethics Competency Framework
  • The change makers toolkit guides you through a series of steps that help to identify each of the key components of the change management process.  
  • This Coaching Curiosity activity is packed with over 100 questions to enable you to prepare for your coaching session and demonstrate interest and curiosity and appropriately explore issues during a coaching session
  • These useful coaching questionnaires enable you to find out a little more about your delegates need to develop their coaching skills. We Use This Resource On our Critical Competencies for Credible Coaches Course
  • Competency Based Recruitment Interviews

    120 competency based questions  to use during competency based recruitment related to the following competency areas: Accountability, Teamwork, Integrity, Transparent Communications, Job Satisfaction, Customer Focus, Respect and Excellence. We use this resource on our Competency Based Recruitment and Selection training course
  • If you are developing a competency based approach to human resource management, this product contains 128 competency statements grouped into 17 competency sets including: Planning, Decision Making, Business Ethics, Research Skills and many more. Use during recruitment or competency based performance management activities. Take a look at our Competency Based Recruitment and Selection Training Course