• Identifying change agents can sometimes be terribly difficult. Who are those people who will drive change forward with persistence and conviction? This weighted questionnaire will enable you to identify and evaluate potential change agents against a range of valid criteria. You might like to check out our Change Leadership Training Course
  • This activity consists of 22 playing cards containing questions to enable groups to explore, identify and recognize the talent and development needs required to sustain and improve business performance. The Identifying Talent Needs cards focus upon the talent requirements needed to sustain and improve current business performance and identify future talent to accommodate planned change. We use this product on our Nurturing Talent Training Course  
  • Identifying the Outcomes and Goals of Coaching

    This really useful resource to enable coaches and their clients to explore coaching goals, strengths, and agree an agenda. An essential coaching contract is also included in the resource to help you to agree expectations and be clear what both parties bring to the coaching experience.
  • The process of  developing and implementing  a competency framework identifying and writing competency statements  is long and complex. This workbook provided tools and techniques, templates and assessments to enable you to make a start, justify the approach, manage the process and ensure your competencies are valid. The increased level of understanding and linkage between individual roles and organizational performance makes the effort well worth while.  This workbook contains approximately 35% of the content our complete designing and implementing a competency framework programme You will also find the article Articulating CompetenciesArticulating Competencies on our blog
  • Implementing a successful coaching programme

    Coaching as a performance management method has grown rapidly in recent years,so many human resource professionals and their clients need tools and guidance to help them implement successful coaching programmes in their organizations. The topics and materials in this training tool kit provide  practical guidance about what coaching is and how to best implement it in the organization. This resource provides a strategy to enable you to implement a successful approach to coaching as a performance management and support tool This 36 page guide provides guidance in the following areas:
    • Selecting a coach
    • developing internal coaches
    • The coaching process
    • Assessment methods
    • Using multi rater feedback
    • Evaluating results from coaching activity
    • Distance /remote coaching
    • The role of HR in supporting coaching
    • A coaching intake form
    • A coaching contract
    • A coaching progress log
    Develop your in house coaches with our critical competencies for credible coaches course
  • Are you influencing successfully? There are many different sources of power and influence in organisations, yet managers still feel powerless. The key to personal power is influence which uses interpersonal skills to convince others to voluntarily change their attitude to events, people or decisions and enable your ideas to be explored and implemented. This workbook contains a range of activities and techniques to enable you to influence others, analyse your credibility through the eyes of others and become known as an influential member of your business network ..and if you wish to further develop your influencing techniques, take a look at our influence and persuasion training course The influencing successfully resource contains the following topics all supported by activities:
    • Process of persuasion
    • Cialdini 6 areas of influence
    • Getting to yes
    • Credibility assessment
    • Influence in your network
    • Influencing styles
  • Is your mentoring activity on track? Are you achieving the desired objectives? How do you know? This useful training resource is rich with indicators and questions to enable you to assess the outputs of your mentoring activity. From processes to people you will identify the opportunities and barriers to enable you to get your mentoring scheme on track
  • Learn to Delegate.....Delegation is a vital management tool, when we learn to delegate effectively, we enable people to develop and make greater use of resources the benefit is enhanced flexibility. This delegation workbook will enable you to explore and develop the skills of delegating by examining your attitude to delegation and exploring the skills necessary to manage the delegation process.The outcome will be that you have a structure for delegating that you feel completely confident with.
  • The learning to learn toolkit is useful for people who need to make the best of a learning experience and who may have forgotten what works well for them, how they learn best and how to enjoy the opportunity to learn new skills. We work with many adult learners who need a little reminder to help them remember how to enjoy learning to learn again.