• Six Thinking Hats is a powerful problem solving tool. Spectrain's Six Thinking Hats guide comes complete with a case study containing illustrative examples of the approach in use and a worksheet to enable you to use this fabulous six thinking hats problem solving tool at your next event. We use this during managing meetings and problem solving programmes
  • This Succession Planning Tool-Kit containing a range of activities and all the templates you need to enable you to identify competency, skills and success factors of leadership and assess current bench strength. This product is used in our HR Auditor training course.
  • SWOT Analysis Case Study

    This SWOT Analysis Case Study Enables Application of a SWOT Analysis to a genuine business development issue. Spectrain use this SWOT Analysis Case Study on our Business and Strategy Development Course to enable exploration of SWOT elements in an established business and it works really well in enabling identification of business enablers and inhibitors Playing Lean is available as an additional module to our Business and Strategy Development Training Course. Playing Lean Simulates a Lean Business Startup.  It's a board game where players are forced to make difficult business decisions without real world risks. Contact us to see how Playing lean could support your new business venture
  • Terrific Trainer Survival Guide Part 1 - Another great Spectrain resource dedicated to helping trainers to make a positive impact. This guide contains effective and guaranteed ways to engage participants through active learning techniques Check out or Managing Training and Development Training Courses for aimed at developing the skills and strategies of those in training and development
  • Terrific Trainer Survival Guide Part 2 - Another great free training resource aimed at helping trainers to survive in difficult situations make a positive impact. This resource focuses upon building active learning techniques into the structure of the course ...techniques that I guarantee will maintain your audience’s attention
  • Terrific Trainer Survival Guide Part 3 - A Free training tool aimed at helping trainers to make a positive Impact and manage their classroom activities successfully. This series contains great and guaranteed ways to engage participants
  • The Art of  Persuasion is essential whether delivering a presentation, or writing compelling copy for your web site. Rhetoric is the art of speaking or writing effectively – to achieve your desired outcome. This development activity supports our video on TEDED and enables you to apply the elements of influence and consider whether you are using Ethos, Pathos and Logos effectively to influence
  • The Cavern a Team Decision Making Training Activity - Trapped by falling rocks in a confined space what criteria will the team come up with to persuade others and justify their rescue attempt? This Team Development Activity Never Fails To Provoke Animated Discussion
  • The Coaching Tool Kit has been designed to provide additional tools and techniques for you to use during your coaching activity. The tool kit is packed full of checklists, self assessments and activities that enable focus on goals and outcomes.

    Use of The Coaching Tool Kit

    We use these tools during our coaching sessions so we can guarantee that they do provoke meaningful and constructive conversations and with the encouragement of a skilled coach we know that people will be moving towards achievement of positive outcomes quickly. Our Critical Competencies for Credible Coaches training course is extremely popular
  • The Consultant's Tool Kit is aimed at developing internal and external consultancy skills. It is packed with resources to enable you to analyse the effectiveness of your approach to the client in areas including: goal setting, biased behaviour, your attitude, and your emotions, A great resource for both internal and external consultants.   The resource contains: Understand Your Preferred Consulting Style Understand and Manage Your Natural Responses to Feedback and Conflict Understand Your Natural Approaches to Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Rational Versus Organic Approach to Problem Solving Intuitive Versus Sensing Approaches to Gathering Information Your Preferred Focus on Organizations (Pragmatic Approach) (Silo Approach)(Systems Approach) Competencies for OD Consultants
    • We use this resource on our Consultancy Skills training course
  • The Ethical Governance Tool Kit is an asset for organizations of all sizes who are considering whether their approach to governance is ethical. An important part of the process will be for your organization whether long-established or just starting up to review the principles in order to identify and prioritize what is essential and appropriate ethical behaviour  for you. Many organizations will find that they already follow or go beyond these principles. Others may wish to make changes in their current practices to align behaviours with their values. What is vital is to assess and strengthen your practices and this resource supports that work.
  • The Pyramid a Competitive Team Development Activity which produces many of learning outcomes related to attention to detail, resource management, time management ,and cost control....will your team be the supplier that the Pharaoh selects to build his pyramids?