• How effective is your communication? Would you like to explore the effectiveness of your communication? This is one of our favourite resources, have a little fun with miscommunication before getting serious and completing the communications assessment containing 80 questions in 10 dedicated areas.  
  • Transferable Skills Self Assessment

    Transferable skills are those skills that are essential for a flexible approach to the challenges that work can present. Your life is forever being shaped by past experiences and you can put those to work in responding to future opportunities. Identifying transferable skills goes beyond what you learn in a formal context and helps you to consider what you can contribute of value to new opportunities. This 40 item assessment enables you to identify your transferable skills and core competencies.
  • Exploring Cultural Differences Group Activity is a hugely entertaining activity enabling a group to explore cultural differences and what happens when we fail to pay attention and respect those cultural differences. The activity focuses on etiquette during meetings and greetings, dress code, dining out. Without fail this activity apart from being a fun method of learning generates endless discussion about culture, our perceptions, and how our behaviour causes conflict. We use this in our Developing Business Awareness Training Course
  • Our reasons and rationalisations activity helps you to explore  the barriers we confront when we encounter values conflicts in the workplace. These barriers often appear in the form of “reasons and rationalisations” that colleagues present for the way things are being done. Sometimes you don’t hear them because they are the unspoken assumptions and practices of the organisation and sometimes its necessary to question those beliefs to enable understanding.
  • Emotional intelligent communication is essential to maintaining quality in relationships. It is very difficult for us to leave our emotions at home. We have all reacted upon impulse when we have felt frustrated at work. Self awareness and self mastery enables us to press pause and reflect before reacting. Therefore it is worth investing some time in self awareness the key to understanding ourselves and others a little better. This resource helps you to assess the following areas of emotional intelligence
    • Self Awareness
    • Self Management
    • Awareness of Others
    • Relating to Others
    If you are interested in developing self awareness take a look at: Developing a positive outlook
  • Identifying the Outcomes and Goals of Coaching

    This really useful resource to enable coaches and their clients to explore coaching goals, strengths, and agree an agenda. An essential coaching contract is also included in the resource to help you to agree expectations and be clear what both parties bring to the coaching experience.
  • 120 competency based questions related to the following competency areas: Accountability, Teamwork, Integrity, Transparent Communications, Job Satisfaction, Customer Focus, Respect and Excellence. We use this resource on our Competency Based Recruitment and Selection training course
  • Setting goals for your coaching activity is essential if you are to support others during coaching. This activity contains 3 comprehensive questionnaires and a personal development plan to enable you to assess your approach and readiness to become a coach for others and identify your coaching development needs. It's important to set goals. These activities will help you to assess why you want to coach others, your readiness for coaching and how you manages challenges during coaching.
  • This SWOT Analysis Case Study Enables Application of a SWOT Analysis to a genuine business development issue. We use this case study on our Business and Strategy Development Course to enable exploration of SWOT elements in an established business and it works really well in enabling identification of business enablers and inhibitors. Playing Lean is available as an additional module to our Business and Strategy Development Training Course. Playing Lean Simulates a Lean Business Startup.  It's a board game where players are forced to make difficult business decisions without real world risks. Contact us to see how Playing lean could support your new business venture
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