• The learning to learn toolkit is useful for people who need to make the best of a learning experience and who may have forgotten what works well for them, how they learn best and how to enjoy the opportunity to learn new skills. We work with many adult learners who need a little reminder to help them remember how to enjoy learning to learn again.  
  • If Your Life’s a Pitch – You pitch endless presentations to customers and get minimal results. You might like to take the opportunity to deliver Pitch Perfect Presentations! With this presentation skills workbook discover how to structure and pitch perfect presentations with ease.
  • A useful resource to enable learners to identify strategies  to manage a demotivated employee. We use this resource in our Managing Performance Training Course
  • Mentor Me

    Mentor me is our mentoring support service for business leaders. Running a business and leading others can be a lonely task, many people benefit from time out and the guidance of an experienced mentor. A mentor will encourage and support you to make the most of yourself and your business. The greatest value is often in taking a step back and seeing your business through someone else’s eyes. From my own experience. I know how useful it can be to share and learn from the experience of somebody who has been there before you.
    Thinking that a Business Mentor might help to refocus?
    Finding an individual you trust and admire as a mentor is the first step. A good mentor/mentee relationship is often the result of well-suited personalities. However, you should expect a mentor to:
    • Listen in confidence to the issues that are troubling you in the business
    • Share their own experiences of failures and successes
    • Be a sounding board for your ideas
    • Provide constructive feedback
    • Help you to identify alternative courses of action
    • Encourage you to identify measurable business benefits from your chosen actions
    • Encourage you to think through consequences and risks associated with actions

  • This is a useful resource performance management training courses. It contains seven performance management case studies to enable you to explore a variety of aspects of performance and consider how to manage, motivate and seek to improve that performance. A little extra reading- When agile performance becomes fragile
  • This Personal Values Assessment  reveals what might influence you to pass judgement. A really useful resource raising awareness of personal bias to ensure a non biased approach to relationships. On a journey of self awareness? You may also benefit from a personal audit of emotional intelligence and communication style.
  • Cause and Effect Analysis

    One of a series of Free Problem Solving Tools. Cause and effect analysis is a tool that helps identify possible causes of a specific problem.  The approach enables a graphical illustration of the relationship between an outcome and all the factors that influence the outcome. Need more problem solving tools for your workshop? Take a look at our 6 thinking hats problem solving tool.
  • You have selected a team for a project and they don't seem to be achieving goals. This project team training needs assessment enables you to assess both strategic and tactical training and development needs. The project team training needs assessment includes  72 assessment areas in the areas of:
    • Schedule Management
    • Cost Management
    • Technical Management
    • Project Coordination
    • Service and Quality Management
    • Life Cycle Management
    • Risk and Investment Management
    • Critical Communications
  • Our reasons and rationalisations activity helps you to explore  the barriers we confront when we encounter values conflicts in the workplace. These barriers often appear in the form of “reasons and rationalisations” that colleagues present for the way things are being done. Sometimes you don’t hear them because they are the unspoken assumptions and practices of the organisation and sometimes its necessary to question those beliefs to enable understanding.