What Are Competencies?Many organisations have recognised the huge benefits to be gained from the introduction of competency frameworks.


By focusing on the inputs (competencies) and on (outputs) performance, companies can build a picture of the capabilities of the workforce and can use this profile to recruit, develop and align  job requirements to strategic goals and targets.

The Benefits

  • Competencies identify the success criteria for specific job roles
  • They provide focus for development activities and ensure that priority is given to skills and behaviours which make the biggest impact on the organisation’s performance
  • Competency descriptions help managers make clear and consistent evaluation of performance against standards
  • Help succession planning and promotion – providing a clear framework for career planning
  • Managers and individuals have a clear framework for achieving targets and key performance indicators

What are Competencies?

Competence is the ability to consistently perform work related activities to the standard required in a range of situations and conditions. Competencies are observable behaviours which demonstrate that the person has the knowledge and skill to do the job.

Competencies are expressed as statements which are the basis for describing and measuring performance.

Here is a sample of competency statements for a job requiring problem solving skills:

An employee demonstrating these competencies would:

  • Recognise potential problems and mitigate before they occur
  • Define the problem and identify possible/apparent causes
  • Identify possible alternative solutions and select the most appropriate ones
  • Facilitate group members in identifying and evaluating possible solutions